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NIH Lifeworks


Profile of Post-Doctoral Fellow Jennifer Sergeant who studies mechanisms of inflammation in arthritis and dermatitis at NIH.


NIH Lifeworks


Profile of NIH Biophysicist, Dr. Keir Neuman and his study of DNA by physically manipulating individual molecules in the laboratory. 


Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind our Best and Worst Financial Decisions


Thinking Money is a nationally distributed public television documentary that explores what behavioral economics has to tell us about how and why we spend, save (or don’t) and think about money.  It presents some of the country's innovative thinkers who mix economics with research in psychology.


This excerpt visits researchers at CalTech who are studying the effects of the perceived cost of wine on the prefrontal cortex of the brain. 


Banner Alzheimer Institute


Seeing Alzheimer’s in Real Time.


This short piece is one of ten segments produced for BAI.  This one looks at advances in brain imaging that allow scientists to view amyloid plaques on the brain.




Research Scientist Kedar Naryan studies cell transmission of HIV cells by imaging them in real-time.  


NIH Lifeworks


Immunologist Anhoa Perez-Diaz studies the use of C-4 cells in combatting cancer.


NIH Center for Scientific Review


This video is designed to demystify the Peer Review Process for researchers vying for grants at NIH.  


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