The Coming Storm

An active shooter opens fire, shattering the tranquility of a college campus and forever changing the lives of students, their families and the community. The ensuing terror and confusion taxes the capacity of local law enforcement and first responders. This moving and thought provoking film draws from real-life active shooter incidents. It is a unique training tool designed to inspire collaboration among first responders in preparing for and managing these potentially overwhelming events.  

This award winning film has been viewed by millions of law enforcement, first responders and city officials across the country.  




At a meeting with members of the Counterintelligence Unit of the FBI we were given a mission:   “Don’t give us a training film. We want a real movie…”, one that engages intelligence professionals at an emotional and professional level – and helps to cause real change in counterintelligence practice.

Betrayed is an Emmy award-winning dramatic film that has been viewed by over a million members of the intelligence community, including the FBI, State Department,
CIA, and White House.  It has been widely praised for its ground-breaking approach to changing attitudes and behaviors within the intelligence community.

The Company Man


Robert Moore has been a loyal employee for nearly 15 years but is having financial difficulties at home.

Eight thousand miles away, a devastating apartment fire in China kills 57 people. Then comes a job offer to Robert from a local headhunter...and a break-in at his factory. These three events soon threaten the financial viability of the entire company, and the small community where he lives.

The Company Man is based on a true story.  Produced for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Strategic Partnership Unit, this award winning drama is a cautionary tale for all employees to be invested in the protection of their company's trade secrets.


Game of Pawns


This dramatic short film was produced for the Counter-Intelligence Unit of the FBI. It is based on the true story of a young American recruited by the Chinese to apply to work for the CIA while studying abroad in Shanghai. He was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.


It is the winner of 2 Emmy Awards (for category and direction).

Navy Cyber: The Fifth Operational Domain

This award-winning command video for the Navy's newly commissioned Fleet Cyber Command is targeted to all Navy personnel, Congressional leaders, industry, academia, and the general public.  It explains how the Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command supports the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Navy’s war fighting domains - on land, sea, underwater and in the air.

A Sacred Trust - National Cemetery Administration


A Sacred Trust is the flagship video for the National Cemetery Administration. It explains the history, mission and services provided to all veterans and their families as part of America’s commitment to our fallen heroes.

Mr. Smith Goes to the Information Age


This light-hearted homage to Frank Capra's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is an entertaining twist on the typical government training film.  This time, Mr. Smith arrives in Washington, DC to help a government agency with their information security problems.

Produced for the Department of Veterans Affairs

NIH Lifeworks - Forensic Anthropologist


This short story profiles a real life "Bones," a young forensic anthropologist at the FBI, who spends her spare time rock climbing.

Part of an ongoing series of 2-minute videos that promote life sciences as a career to motivated high school students.  Each story profiles a different field of science and a person who has chosen that as a career path.

Face Behind the File: Women on the Wing


As part of an ongoing Department of Veterans Affairs series about the lives of veterans, this half-hour documentary explores the WWII Women Auxiliary Service Pilots, or WASP.
The story is told through the extraordinary personal stories of three women, now in
their late 80’s, who were there.  As the country’s first female military pilots, they
ferried the latest military aircraft coast to-coast and helped train combat crews.

Face Behind the File: Shelter from the Storm


As part of an ongoing Department of Veterans Affairs series about the lives of veterans, this half-hour documentary follows two veterans who struggled with homelessness. George Hill survived the horrors of 10 years on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles. Ann Duarte never looked homeless, but she lived in a tent off a highway cloverleaf in one of the wealthiest counties in America. Both stories underscore the disproportionate number of veterans who face unemployment and homelessness after serving their country in the military.