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Gamblit Gaming

Produced this piece for Gamblit Gaming, an innovative LA-based company that integrates casual real-money gambling into online games most enjoyed by next generation gamers.   These millenials  are a critical part of the future of the online gaming and land-based casino markets.   


CTIA The Wireless Association - Big Belly

Philadelphia shows off its 1200 solar powered wireless trash cans, which save the city over a million dollars a year in fuel costs, while serving as active billboards for environmental awareness.

One of a dozen 3-minute stories we produced that show how wireless is transforming the way we live-- as part of the wireless industry’s “Wireless is Limitless” campaign.


KRAFT Foods Shareholder's Meeting

A little girl awakens at sunrise, patters down the hall to check on her sleeping parents, then shuffles downstairs to the kitchen. Opening the pantry, she enters the world of Kraft Foods.

This short film set the tone for Kraft's first annual shareholder meeting after its celebrated Initial Public Offering.   Commented one senior executive, "It was a home run!"   Shot in 35mm film.

Mobile Tactical Trainer - General Dynamics Information Technology - GDIT

SWAT and military personnel engage in real-life combat scenarios using GDIT’s Mobile Tactical Trainer. This marketing video replaced the need to transport a life size trainer to trade shows.

Able Planet Headphones

This video, part of a point-of-sale display, is designed to differentiate Able Planet from a crowded field of competitors.  Customers watch the film while they listen to music and sound effects that highlight the rich acoustical properties of the headphones.

In Their Words - QWEST

This internal communications piece for the top 100 executives at Qwest includes interviews with customers of all ages, who talk about their relationship to their cell phones and what they’re looking for in a telecommunications company.

KRAFT Foods 100th Anniversary

A celebration of Kraft's 100th Anniversary through a forward-looking
message to the employees and shareholders of the world's second largest food
company. Blends original 35 mm production and other source material with visual effects.

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